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Here at Panania Preschool-Kindergarten we have introduced the PreLit Program. It is designed by Macquarie University for the children who will be attending formal schooling the following year. PreLit is a skills-based, early literacy preparation program for preschool children in the year before school.

It is designed to complement a play-based learning environment and provides early childhood teachers with the tools necessary to teach pre-literacy skills and concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Pre-Lit Program

PreLit forms part of our high-quality program that is offered every day for all children in the year prior to entering formal schooling. There are 108 short, clearly prescribed lessons that incorporate different types of phonological awareness activities and oral blending and segmentation activities.

Key benefits:

  • Evidence-based, best practice program for preschool children in their year before formal schooling
  • Appropriate for all children regardless of skill level

Key features:

The program is systematic, skills-based and taught in a hierarchical sequence and designed to complement a play-based learning environment. There are two main components:

  • Phonological awareness, and;
  • Oral language development through Structured Book Reading


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