We enable the joyful freedom of self expression through loving & safe connections

At Panania Preschool-Kindergarten, we treasure the joy of creating authentic connections with the children enabling them to be free and safe to express their inherent creativity and imagination.

Our Purpose is to inspire people to evolve by sharing wisdom; the children, the
families, each other with effortless flow.

Our philosophy

We lovingly nurture every child’s natural development through our shared values of love, family, courage and spirituality.

We treasure the joy of creating authentic connections with the children, enabling them to be free and safe to express their inherent creativity and imagination.

Our philosophy is inspired and guided by insights of  Rudolf Steiner and these inspirations can be seen in our daily practices and nurturing play-based curriculum.

Our Values

Our Values are at the heart of our daily practices





"Children who live in an atmosphere of love and warmth and who have around them truly good examples to imitate are living in their proper element"

Rudolph Steiner

Our natural environments

We recognise the traditional land owners and the original inhabitants of the of the Canterbury Bankstown Area -the Dharug and Eora people. Our educators gain an understanding and appreciation for these Dharug people and share their findings around the indigenous history and aim for the children to connect to country and with the natural world around them.

Our playgrounds are special and incorporate natural play spaces, with endless opportunities for exploration and imaginative play. With play equipment ranging from a large wooden fort to wooden balancing logs, our vegetable gardens , worm farms and composting area allows for children learn and engage in connecting to a sustainable world.

Outdoor learning space

The outdoors are just as important as the indoors and all children experience them through our indoor/outdoor flow programs.

Our outdoor environments mirror the indoors with areas to connect with nature, explore our senses, engage in creative experiences and test ourselves physically.

Our outdoor environments are separated by children’s age allowing for a true continuation of the educational program..

As a Sun Smart centre there is natural and purpose built shade throughout the environment to ensure we are protected from the sun in warmer months.

Family partnerships

We recognise and welcome  the involvement of families as an integral part of our community, and provide opportunities for families to learn and share their gifts and talents.

We know a collaborative approach between families and our educators is the best way to create a positive link between your child’s home and our educational environment.

We work collaboratively by:

  • building partnerships with families founded on mutual respect, trust, communication, and consultation
  • incorporating the beliefs, skills, interests, and values of families into our environment
  • creating a welcoming and culturally inclusive environment
  • encouraging families to participate in, and contribute to, their children’s learning and development.

Community and School Partnerships

We are a strong part of our local communities, from sourcing local produce for our cooking experiences to our excursion  and our relationships with community groups and local schools.

We want our children to feel a part of the wider community and develop a deep understanding of the world around them.



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