At Panania Pre-School Kindergarten our curriculum is guided by the National Quality Framework (NQF), which along with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) guides the educators programming and planning for the children using the fundamental elements of Belonging, Being and Becoming. These three guiding elements form the basis for all learning experiences at the pre-school and educators work with the children and families daily to ensure that these experiences are meeting the child’s individual learning and development needs.

As part of our commitment to providing your child with the best early learning experience, we're proud to announce that we use Kindyhub here at Panania Pre-School Kindergarten.

Using Kindyhub, our educators capture your child's achievements throughout the day with photos, notes and stories. As a parent, you (and your chosen family members) will have a secure login to access a snapshot of what your child does throughout the day via the Kindyhub parent app (available for iPhone, iPad or Android) or alternatively by email. Kindyhub is a complementary form of communication, with face-to-face feedback seen as the most important aspect in maintaining great relationships between our centre and it's families.

Some of Kindyhub’s features include:

  • Receiving photos of your child learning, playing, and interacting
  • Reading about your child’s day and keeping up-to-date with learning milestones
  • Quickly and easily communicating with your child’s educators
  • Collaborating to improve your child’s learning journey
  • Receiving a daily summary of your child’s routine e.g. meals, sleep times and nappy change information

For further information regarding Kindyhub, please speak with one of our educators, download the Kindyhub Info Sheet or visit the Kindyhub website.

Transition to School (School Readiness)

We provide a specialised School Readiness program that is aimed at providing you and your child with the smoothest possible transition to school. This program will assist in developing confidence, independence, social skills and learning abilities that are needed to make the adjustment to school life that little bit easier. Our transition to school is made easy with regular visits to the adjoining primary school and involvement in the local community, as well as group times focusing on the important aspects to prepare your child for kindergarten.

Click this link to download our School Transition Parent Handbook


The children’s learning journey is recorded digitally through ongoing documentation, distributed to families using KindyHub as they are published by educators. Throughout the year educators observe each child’s development and interests, and document them through these individual learning stories/observations, special events, intentional teaching and photographs. Through the KindyHub parent app or emails, parents can follow their child's learning journey progressively throughout the year.

Extracurricular Activities

We also host extracurricular activities throughout the year which vary between term-long programs such as Junior GoGo Sports to one-off events such as celebration performances, animal visits, entertainment shows, multicultural performances and visits from local community member. This we hope will assist families who struggle to find time after hours and on weekends for additional activities.

We also take part in a number of charity fundraising events such as pyjama week, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Children’s book week, etc. Each of the activities and events we host support the children in the development of their holistic wellbeing and the centre’s contribution to community wide initiatives.

Term-long programs generally run on a 10- week cycle and parents are billed directly by the providers. Please see a staff member for further details on which day the extracurricular activities are offered. The program currently offered is GoGo Healthy Kids (Multi-Sport Classes), to enrol or for more information please click here.